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Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

lickable abs
The last time I was in very good shape I used to joke that I wanted to have abs that people would want to lick. Ever since then, "lickable abs" is my term for abs that are really fit and sexy, even though I don't have them anymore.

the velvet teen
Years ago I was active on the Penny Arcade forums, and one year during the holidays I participated in their Secret Santa exchange. The gift that I received was a CD, Out of the Fierce Parade by The Velvet Teen, with a note explaining that they were the sender's favorite band, and that I should check out their other albums if I liked this one. I did, and I did. If you've never heard them, here are some links...
"The Prize Fighter"
"Noi Boi"
"Gyzmkid" (Live)

pennywise the dancing clown
Pennywise is the form most often taken by the alien/demonic monster of Stephen King's IT. The monster primarily slays and feeds on children in the town of Derry, Maine after psychically terrorizing them with their own fears. I've always loved the idea that such a being would choose something seemingly innocent, yet freakish and misplaced, as its primary form in committing such atrocities (and surely this idea was inspired, or at least influenced, by the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, aka Pogo the Clown).

boss kill videos
Boss kill videos are made using edited footage captured by one or more people during a raid and then set to music; really, they are just one way for guilds to show off on the internet, but some are done really well. You can also learn a lot from some boss kill videos, such as positioning, special tactics, and even some ways to improve your UI. Here are a few of my favorites...
Ensidia vs. Algalon (25)
Ensidia vs. Yogg Saron (25, Part 1)
Ensidia vs. Yogg Saron (25, Part 2)
Exodus vs. Mimiron (25H)

Debridement is the removal of foreign matter and dead tissue to assist in the healing process. It can be done surgically with instruments, chemically with a variety of substances, or even organically via the use of maggots that feed upon bacteria or the dead tissue. This interests me because I'm always picking scabs, lancing blisters, etc. I'm obsessed with operating on myself. Also, "debridement" sounds like it should have some kind of sexual meaning, such as to take a woman's virginity. It doesn't, but I like that association if only for poetic reasons.

interstella 5555
Daft Punk + Leiji Matsumoto = win!

This is an Italian noun that means "a caper, prank, whim, or caprice", but which can also refer to a musical composition in a free or irregular style. I just really love the sound of it relative to that definition. I think it's one of the most perfectly sounding words I have ever heard given what it means.

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Awwww, but that makes it all the more interesting to me to read your explanation. = (


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