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Birthdate:Jan 29
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
auturgy n.
self-action; independent activity

Interests (122):

adidas, aesthetics, agnosticism, alphabetization, autumn, auturgy, berserk, boss kill videos, capriccio, castlevania, chocolate, criminal minds, deadwood, debridement, dinosaur comics, dir en grey, dragon age, driving, dune, dungeons & dragons, editing, existentialism, fallout 3, front mission, glee, glock 17, gossip girl, guild wars, hana yori dango, hating overrated popular shit, honda civic si, honda delsol si, house m.d., ico, ikaruga, initial d, interstella 5555, it, jay-z, jin-roh: the wolf brigade, kagrra, l'arc~en~ciel, lady gaga, led zeppelin, lesbian cowgirls, lickable abs, life on mars, luna sea, lust, machines of loving grace, macross, masamune shirow, masturbation, maximizing dps, maybe a beast, metal gear, metroid, milkshakes in the nude, millennium actress, movies, music, new order, nine inch nails, ninja gaiden, nostalgia, original star wars trilogy, peanut butter & jelly, penny arcade, pennywise the dancing clown, philosophy, poetry, poker, pool, portal, puyo puyo, pvp, pvp videos, reading, rogue/fighter multiclassing, rogue/ranger multiclassing, samurai champloo, serenading duane johnson, shadow of the colossus, sharks, showering in the dark, sleeping, sniping, snow, soccer, spiders, stories, strategy, survivor, sushi, taylor swift, tetris, texas hold'em, the afghan whigs, the beatles, the shield, the smiths, the twilight singers, the unit, the velvet teen, the wire, tool, tori amos, twin peaks, universal century gundam, utena, vagrant story, valkyrie profile, veronica mars, video games, william shakespeare, wisdom, world of warcraft, writing, x japan, xkcd, yuki seto, yuu yuu hakusho
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