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It's been a long time since I made a post, primarily because I've had nothing important to say, and that might still be the case but at least I feel like writing now.

Let's talk about the World Cup, even though it's been over for several weeks now. Fuck Spain and the Netherlands for the most uninspired, unsportsmanlike game that I have seen in a long time. When that game started, I was rooting for the Netherlands because they played aggressively, but as the game progressed, I saw them kicking Spain more than they kicked the ball, leading me to start rooting for Spain. But then Spain never actually did anything -- they had seemingly zero ambition to score or create opportunities for themselves, which was just plain boring. So eventually I just started hoping the referees would card everyone! Compare this to the third place game between Germany and Uruguay, in which both teams took risks to create scoring opportunities and really played to win in a way that was both entertaining and respectful of each other and the fans watching.

I think, in my age, I have more consciously realized the importance of self-expression even in team activities. It's hard for me to have any respect for the Spanish team who play this totally defensive style of football, because it's like watching a machine. I used to liken Germany to this well-oiled machine because of how solid their fundamental team game is, but the more I think about that, the less I feel that it's appropriate, because they do look for fast break counterattacks, create openings in the middle for their strikers, and fire off shots from just outside the 18-yard line. Spain does almost none of this, instead just droning around with absolute possession of the ball until there is an opportunity to score that poses very little risk of giving up that possession. Even Uruguay, who ended the tournament in 4th place, possessed as much or more passion than any team there this year, and created more breathtaking opportunities for shots on goal that were simply fantastic to watch as a spectator!

I guess the point I'm getting at is that it's not enough simply to win. Anyone can win with the right tactics and proper/flawless execution. There's no fun or glory or spectacle in pure victory, though. At least not when it comes to a game that is meant to be played beautifully. Football isn't war and the players aren't soldiers; if winning the game is more important than enjoying the game and expressing yourself creatively on the field in ways that delight and amaze people watching, you lose even if you win.

Anyway, that's all for now. I actually started this post last night, and got distracted, so I don't quite remember what else I might have written then, but maybe it'll come to me later...
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