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It's extremely difficult for me to get into Macross Frontier. There's some stuff about it that just doesn't click for me. I hate the character designs, and the music, which should be an integral part of any Macross, is... well, it's Yoko Kanno. While it seems to me that most anime fans think she can do no wrong, I feel like her stuff is often hit-or-miss, and the music for Macross Frontier falls somewhere right in the middle for me. I've listened to the vocal collections and only three or four songs impress me at all, one of them being a cover of "Ai Oboete Imasuka" from Do You Remember Love? Anyway, I'm not necessarily done with it, but jeez, it's really tough to force myself to watch it.

On the other hand I have a pretty easy time watching this new shoujo series from Production I.G. called Kimi ni Todoke. It's basically about this girl who was given the nickname "Sadako" because she looks like the girl from the horror movie Ringu, and how she starts to make friends because this popular guy in school treats her normally even though everyone else thinks she's creepy. It comes standard with romance and other typical shoujo subplots, but the art is gorgeous and fairly refreshing. Time will tell if it can rise to the level of Hana Yori Dango, His & Her Circumstances, or Nodame Cantabile...

I really need to finish RIDEBACK as well. I kinda floundered at the fifth episode or so a while ago and it's not like there's very much more...


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